ars modi relies on virtual teams

Video and telephone conferences, chats, WIKIs, e-Mail and FTP servers. Cooperations of virtual teams become more and more common. They save time and costs, but at the same time require new competences. Virtual teams are characterized by the fact that the members are geographically dispersed and rarely meet in person.

ars modi mainly works as a virtual team and is accordingly equipped. Communication and data exchange happens worldwide via GoToMeeting, TeamViewer, an FTP server and the company WIKI. The company infrastructure is accordingly equipped, as are the minds of our staff. With virtual teams, it is not only digital literacy that is increasingly demanded, but also social competence. In the initial phase before the kickoff meeting, team members can get to know each other, in order to be able to communicate via digital media during the project phase. Many issues can be resolved digitally, however, personal contact is indispensable and reinforces the team spirit.