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ars modi philosophy

The design and engineering office ars modi was founded by Thomas Kriesche in 2001. The state certified designer and business economist aimed to combine art and science in order to realize unique interiors for highest standards. ars modi is one of the leading companies for the design, engineering and supervision of upscale interior construction projects and successfully works for interior construction companies, building owners and architects from the sectors of yacht building, public objects and private real estate.

We support our clients from their first idea to its realization and always pursue the same goal: the complete realization of your visions. In order to achieve this, our draftsmen, engineers and project managers work with the utmost enthusiasm and dedication to find solutions that meet the standards of our clients. The result of our efforts are exclusive and unique interiors, for the realization of which we frequently break new ground – without abandoning our principles.

ars modi principles


We completely identify with our task. All possibilities concerning materials and techniques are subject to the demands of our clients. Never the other way around.


We meet all expectations placed on us. Quite frequently, we even exceed them. Our aim is to create unique interiors.


We are never content and work on becoming better every single day. Only those who can motivate themselves again and again, can also inspire their clients.

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ars modi way of working

It doesn’t make a difference if it’s a single piece of furniture or a large-scale international project: At ars modi, our customers’ requests always have the highest priority. In order to meet our customers’ requests, our specialists work together on the fulfillment of a task with passion for detail and a high level of creativity. Particularly with large-scale projects that extend over long periods of time and several continents, Thomas Kriesche and his team convince with extensive project experience and leadership skills. With approved methods and well-tried communication tools, ars modi creates the perfect environment for virtual teams. Despite cultural and linguistic differences, effective and productive work is accomplished in these virtual teams - in some cases even around the clock.

This way of working allows for the realization of outstanding interior construction projects, which always remain within the time and cost framework. And impress with fascinating results.

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