Between an excellent idea and its perfect realization, there’s

Your interior construction project.

Our design, planning, engineering and supervision.


Time, resources and money: ars modi takes responsibility for the accurate planning regarding these factors, in order for you to reliably achieve your goals within the set frame.


Materials, lighting, engineering: As a result of many years of experience with the design, planning and construction of interiors, ars modi has gained thorough knowledge in this field.


site supervision, quality control, change management: ars modi supports you in all matters, from instruction of the work on site to construction documentation.

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Many companies promise first-class interiors.

ars modi promises first class design, engineering and supervision.

Fascinating interiors on open waters:
The challenge with interior construction projects in the yacht building sector is the double task of fulfilling the requirements of the yacht owner and adhering to specific construction guidelines for yacht interior construction.
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Unique designs in public objects:
Interior construction projects in public objects not only have to comply with the design ideas of the owner, but also require consideration of all legal and building specifications.
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Impressive sceneries in your own four walls:
The challenge with interior construction projects lies in the double task of realizing the individual ideas of the homeowners quickly and discreetly, while adhering to the financial targets and deadlines.
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We take the time for a timeless interior.
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Our clients are all the same.

They all have their own ideas.

Behind outstanding interiors
there is an outstanding team.
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Did you know?

Interesting facts and news from ars modi.

  • ars modi relies on virtual teams

    Video and telephone conferences, chats, WIKIs, e-mail and FTP servers. Cooperations of virtual teams become more and more common. They save time and costs, but at the same time require new competences. Virtual teams are characterized by the fact that the members are geographically dispersed and rarely meet in person .
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    ars modi supervises final theses

    Through the years, we have supervised many interesting theses of students of the School for Wood Technology in Stuttgart and the Fachhochschule Rosenheim. You are about to complete your studies and looking for a company to supervise your final thesis? Send us your application.
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