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ars modi services

ars modi supports you with the development of design plans, general details and the approval planning.

ars modi takes care of the preparation of schedules, including the development of construction schedules, the coordination of elapsed time and installation time, as well as the project schedule.

ars modi determines all material-specific key numbers and conducts the research concerning material and fittings.

ars modi takes care of the development of general details.

ars modi supports you with the development of construction plans and manufacturing schedules.

ars modi takes care of the 3D measurement and creates the as-built drawings.

ars modi takes care of site management and site supervision of the entire project.

ars modi coordinates and supervises all changes within the framework of a comprehensive change management.

ars modi takes care of a thorough quality inspection, which is recorded in a gapless construction documentation.

3D measurement

With the aid of state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning technology and tachymetry, ars modi surveys the entire surrounding with high precision and depicts it three-dimensionally in a digital model.

In contrast to conventional measurement, the laser-based 3D measurement allows for a holistic as-built survey over long ranges. Planning errors are virtually eliminated, repeated remeasurements are no longer required. The data acquired during the 3D measurement can be processed in more different ways than the data acquired during conventional measurement. With 3D data, display of frontage elevations including all deformations and creation of 360° panoramas are no problem.

It’s all about the right tools: For the 3D measurement, ars modi uses tachymeters, rotation lasers, line lasers, as well as distance measurers by Leica and software by Kubit (Dresden). Furthermore, ars modi is equipped with a special software for the assessment of point clouds and tachymetric data. In large-scale projects, we cooperate with surveyors and the producers of our software.

It’s the small things that make out quality. But quality is anything but a small thing. .

Systematic success

Whether it is in the yacht building sector, in public objects or in private mansions: ars modi has successfully designed, constructed and supervised numerous interior construction projects through the years.

as individual
as their owners

More than any other means of transportation, a yacht mirrors the taste and the individual desires of its owner. In order to grasp these and turn them into constructional drawings and manufacturing schedules, ars modi has developed a procedure that has proved itself in practice for years. In addition to the client’s individual wishes, all international requirements of the ship building sector are met.

that are functional
and appealing

Public and private objects are very diverse. So are the requirements the operators impose on their objects. In addition, there are legal structural specifications. ars modi has the required expertise to plan and to design the realization of all these wishes and regulations and to support our clients every step of the way.

from representative
to personal

Nowhere else, people place such high demands on the interior than in their own four walls. Additionally, there are higher expectations regarding discretion, fast and smooth execution, as well as maximum cost transparency. ars modi has defined a procedure which allows for the seamless planning, design and realization of the wishes and visions of homeowners.

The best software for each task.

For the planning, construction and supervision of projects, ars modi uses branch solutions that guarantee fast and secure exchange of information - worldwide and between all project participants.

Better design and construction

For design and construction purposes, ars modi uses the construction and design software AutoCAD from AUTODESK, which has proven itself millions of times over. Tools designed for productivity optimization allow for fast, precise and flexible construction and design. Integrated desktop and mobile solutions accelerate the progress of the project and increase the quality of the cooperation between the project participants. Integrated DWG and DXF technology ensures compatible, reliable data file formats, which has proved to be extremely beneficial, particularly with virtual teams.

Better communication and exchange

For communication within the frame of a project, ars modi combines Microsoft Office tools such as Outlook, Excel and the online software GoToMeeting with the ars modi company WIKI from the Australian software producer Atlassian. This is particularly beneficial in projects with virtual teams, since project members all over the world can communicate, grant clearances or exchange status updates or project information according to requirement and project phase without losing precious time or wasting resources.

Better leadership and supervision

For the management and supervision of interior construction projects, ars modi uses the approved project management software braintool. It perfectly covers sectors such as resource management and project controlling and provides quick insight into the project status at any time. Program-specific indicators report problems before they affect the project. Integrated Excel interfaces and PDFs allow for fast and easy data exchange.